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‚ÄčAcademy Hill Realty which was founded in 1986 has concentrated on investing in acquisition and development of prime real estate locations in Greater Boston. The acquisitions and the developments can be categorized as commercial, mixed-use and net lease single tenant properties, ranging in current valuations of five to twenty-five million. Primary selection criteria are outstanding locations, substantial increase in value through improvements and re-tenanting, strong cash-flow and good macro prospects.

Academy Hill Realty and its Founder Raj Dhanda believe that these investment strategies offer good long term prospects.

Raj Dhanda

Raj Dhanda came to the US after an engineering degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharakpur, India. After completing graduate studies at Columbia University, he worked at Stop and Shop Companies as Director of Research and was responsible for recommending all new locations. His knowledge of Greater Boston market, analysis of each opportunity and timing of execution has helped him develop a portfolio which includes several marquee properties.